Enhance How You Nurture to Build People Up and Get Things Done By John Hackett Ed.D.

The Network Marketing Magazine December 2021 Issue DISCover New Approaches to Enhance How You Nurture to Build People Up and Get Things Done.

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The December 2021  Annual Women’s issue of  The Network Marketing Magazine topic is the Value of Nurturing. Nurturing, according to the Merriam-Wester Dictionary, is defined as “the care and attention given to someone or something that is growing and developing. This is an extremely appropriate and timely topic.

Network Marketers and all organizations moving forward in this current  Reset period need to consider the value of nurturing to their leadership.   

The recent emphasis in leadership circles has been on making the workplace more “human,” building and nurturing people. This movement results from the high stresses of the Pandemic slowdowns, political and economic uncertainties in the U. S., and the world returning to business in a post-pandemic period of reset.

Many organizations face labor shortages and an unprecedented level of people leaving their job by resignation. Leadership expert Ken Blanchard has coined the term the “Great Resignation.”

National records of resignations in the U.S. have been set and broken in May, August, and October. Higher than normal levels of resignation are being seen in Europe and Australia. When one considers that a significant reason for resigning a position is a feeling of not being cared for, respected, or listened to, the need for organizations to recognize the value of Nurturing is obvious.  

The key is a leadership shift to nurture the people in their organization. Mark Miller, the Vice president of Leadership development at Chik Fil A, notes Leadership is about building people up and getting things done

” Enriching Women’s lives.”

                       Mary Kay Cosmetics

Successful, long-term Network Marketers understand and practice building people up and getting things done. They understand how nurturing can grow and sustain their business.

I notice this every Tuesday at my house. My Wife leads a large sales team of independent direct sellers. None of them has quit.; their activity may change from time to time; however, she has record numbers attending virtual meetings every week and working upstairs office during these times. I see /hear the value of nurturing a sales team.

They always seem to laugh, and at times it seems sad, they encourage and challenge each other to be their best Many talks go on with individuals or groups long after the meeting is “over.”

What is the difference? Like all successful Network Marketers, my Wife nurtures her team to go as far as they can. Successful Network Marketers understand and value nurturing in all they do. They see the value of nurturing relationships and connections to build people up and get things done.  Network Marketers are uniquely positioned to teach, and model is nurturing as an essential business skill for all organizations in 2021.

Network Marketing /Direct Sales is an area women have excelled in and added growth and profitability. According to a report by Statista in 2020 entitled Share of People in Direct Sales in the United States by Gender in 2020, released in July of 2021, Women make up 75% of direct sellers. Those women successful in Network Marketing understand the value of nurturing to grow and develop others and then their business. Help others grow theirs as well.

In a recent blog by Sarah and Tony Zolecki, NURTURING GREAT LEADERSHIP SKILLS IN NETWORK MARKETING, The authors delineate four specific skills needed to enhance how Network Marketer can enhance their Skills of Nurturing others.

1 Developing Communication skills

2 Developing Positivity and Motivation for themselves and others

3 Constant Learning and Application of the skills noted above

4 Treat everyone with respect and integrity.

The authors further note the goal of nurturing is not only sales or even unit size, saying” some of the best leaders are consistently nurturing their leadership skills for a couple of reasons;

1 To better themselves

2 Improve the lives of others. “These leaders understand it is all about nurturing relationships and an attitude of gratitude first, then the business will follow.

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John Hackett
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